Mobility and displacement during the First World War (1914-1923)



Centre d’Histoire de Sciences Po, 56 rue Jacob 75006 Paris, Salle de conférence (rdc.)

9:30: Opening Remarks

9:45-12:45: Panel 1: The “Eastern Front”

Chair: Jakob Vogel (CHSP Sciences Po)

  • Pálvölgyi Balázs (Széchenyi István University)
    “Refugee crisis and changes to Hungarian refugee policy (1916-1924)”
  • Claire Morelon (Oxford University)
    “The war at home: Galician refugees in Prague (1914-1920)”

Coffee Break

  • Klaus Richter (University of Birmingham)
    “Displacement, territorialisation and shifting borders in Lithuania (1915-1923)”



14:00-17:00: Panel 2: Margins of Empires

Chair: Mario Del Pero (CHSP Sciences Po)

  • Roberto Mazza (Western Illinois University/University of London)
    “‘The Jews have departed for the Jewish colonies in Galilee; the Christian and Muslims to God knows’: Cemal Paşa, Zionism and the forced evacuation of Jaffa1917.”
  • Cloé Drieu (CNRS)
    “Les révoltes de 1916 en Asie centrale et l’exode des populations nomades duSémiriéchié vers le Turkestan chinois (1916-1917)”

Coffee Break

17:15: Final Discussion and Concluding Remarks